The Montana Restoration Foundation exists to promote the restoration of, and education regarding, public historic buildings in Montana. The proceeds from the three main yearly events that the Montana Restoration Foundation Board of Directors coordinate (The Secret Garden Tour in July, The Historic Helena Walking Tour in October, and the Holiday Home Tour in December), go directly to educational and restoration projects in and for Helena historic public buildings.



Recent Restoration Projects Funded by the Montana Restoration Foundation

The Montana Original Governor's Mansion

Third Floor West Bedroom

($6,500 in 2016)


Educational Projects Funded by the Montana Restoration Foundation

Montana Historical Society "Hands on History Footlockers"

($8,000 in 2016)

The Montana Restoration Foundation has been able to fund a footlocker titled: Original Governor’s Mansion: Home to the Stewart Family in Turbulent Times, 1913-1921 which Investigates life and politics, 1913-1921, as well as the history and architecture of the magnificent building specific to life at the OGM through the Montana Historical Society. Teachers across the state of Montana can check these lockers out for 2-week intervals and lesson plans are included meeting the Montana Standards. For more information on how to reserve a footlocker visit the Montana Historical Society.

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